Trainer, train thyself!!
On-Line at Last!!

But WHAT a learning curve!

Last month I FINALLY got reasonable broadband. It took a lot of complaining on twitter, and me organising a community partnership, but I finally got my reward: Broadband that allows me to make video calls, stream stuff and upload things without it turning into an over-night activity.

Naturally, I've jumped straight in. Yesterday I ran my very first webinar - but it nearly didn't happen. I'd postponed the week before due to tech issues. I swapped platforms and rescheduled. However, I woke up in the morning with no voice to speak of. I emailed everyone who had registered to explain the situation, and most suggested I postpone again.

But I turned up anyway - "just in case" and 3 people joined me. So I ran it. In the end it was the best outcome, as it basically turned into a dress rehearsal (I intend to run again next week). So there'll be no stopping me now!

It's all part of my desire to move with the times and to broaden my offering to clients. In fact, I sent a proposal to a potential client that consisted of delivering training in 3 parts: a webinar, a half-day workshop and then follow up (on-line) clinics. This will keep costs down for them, be less disruptive for all of us, reduce time off the job, keep the live element focused on practical activity and start to embed the training. It gives us 3 points of contact, where traditionally we might only have had one.

But doing "on-line" stuff isn't as easy at it looks! I'm very much aware that until 2 weeks ago, I didn't know what I didn't know! I was blissfully unconsciously incompetent! (Not true, I KNEW I was incompetent, but couldn't be specific about what in!). As I learn (by doing) I've definitely got one foot in consciously incompetent as I start to discover what I still need to learn. But I'm also a fast learner, so the other foot is very much in consciously competent.

So to keep moving around that circle, I need to keep practising, trying out new stuff, remembering to take it one step at a time, and asking for feedback.

Just like learning ANYTHING.

But I still catch myself trying to be brilliant, when actually, I've got a lot of catching up to do. And this is just like everyone I've ever met in a training room.. we all need to break new skills down, be realistic and a bit more patient, have support mechanisms around us and of course, have the motivation to succeed.

If you want to chat about blended learning solutions, please drop me a line.
The Training Designer's Club

The Training Designer's Club continues to grow. It's a one-stop shop for anyone involved in creating learning solutions by providing support, development and resources. There's already quite a lot of material available for download from the members website, and more is being added each week. Members also get a discount off of my ready-made Power Hour Materials.

But perhaps better than that, we have regular Designer Drop-Ins where we discuss what we're working on, get fresh ideas and can sense-check our design. I'll also be running webinars for members on topics relevant to learning designers. There's something about a smaller group that makes it more useful I think.

It's £15 per month (plus VAT), but it could be small price to pay for little-and-often CPD.
Do you know any Freelance trainers?

Last week, I attended the quarterly Trainer Talk Live event in Kenilworth as part of my own personal development. As always, it was an inspiring and useful day, and a great chance to catch up with so many other trainers who work for themselves or run small businesses.

I love the community so much, that I run Local Meetings in Liverpool. The next one is on Monday 21st October. We will be discussing resilience in business - and sharing some really practical ways to be resilient - amongst many other topics. You can imagine how it is when a group of trainers get together!

If you know anyone who would like to come, send them THIS LINK and ask them to book on via the website. There are lots of other meetings around the country if Liverpool isn't handy for you, or them!
I love to discuss all things L&D, and I'd be delighted to chat to you about any challenges your are facing or and ideas you wish to mull over. Why not:
  • Contact me to arrange a chat, or even a meeting
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn, or
  • Join the Training Designer's Club on Facebook?

Until next time!

Sheridan Webb - Keystone Development and Training Ltd

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